About Me

My name is Katrina  or as some of you might see me listed as "AutumnSkies".
 I am a full time mom of three children, a wife to an amazing husband, and a traditional and digital artist. 
I went to college for Graphic Design but I opted for the title of Stay at Home Mom. When I am not going absolutely crazy from kids, the husband, or even the dog, I try to paint. I am most comfortable with portraits at the moment, while teaching myself how to digitally paint, but I do want to go 'out side of the box' so to speak and try new and exciting things. I also have a love for acrylic painting, graphite pencils, and colored pencils as well.

Other little things about me..
I am obsessed with Rockabilly Retro Pin Ups. If I could get away with wearing my hair in victory rolls everyday, I would. I also am mildly obsessed with Bohemian house decor. If you have no idea what I am talking about.. check out my 'Dream Home' Pinterest Board here
I get a legit high when walking into an art supplies store.  No really.. I could be in the worst mood and step into an art supplies store and the smell of all of the paints, paper, wood frames.. It's amazing. Okay, you can stop judging me now. ;)

I guess the purpose of this blog is to show my paintings and drawings. I also like to write so it gives me a chance to talk about stresses of juggling my dreams of being an artist who works from home with taking care of the house, kids, and husband.