Saturday, February 1, 2014

Crazy week and a new painting

It has been a few crazy past couple of days. I have had doctor's appointments, read three books, took a spontaneous road trip to Maine to see my cousin Samantha ( You can see her blog here) I haven't seen her in thirteen years. Crazy, I know. And last but not least, I reached over 200 likes on my Facebook Fan Page for my art. It is all so amazingly awesome. I can't even believe I reached that many so quickly. I did manage to do one quick painting this week when I didn't have my nose buried in the Nook app on my cell. Not to talk down about my work but it isn't really anything super spectacular. I saw this stock photo, I really liked the angle and wanted to paint it.

I need to work more with hair and being more creative with design, texture, intense colors, etc.