Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Progress of Meghan

Yesterday on Facebook, someone had mentioned "How do you do this?" I tried to explain as simply as possible how I painted my friend Jen's portrait. But I am sure it was still confusing as hell. So I decided with the next painting I did that I would take different screen shots from along the way. This way you can see from the very beginning to the very end how it transforms and changes.. how it looks really bad to sorta better to much better. I won't lie, at one point, I was ready to quit because I was convinced it looked nothing like Meghan and more like a drag queen who was asleep. But I pushed the negative thoughts aside and continued to paint while getting lost in Beyonce' Radio on Pandora and when I would get tired of that, I would zone out to Meghan on YouTube. I am pretty sure, I listened to her cover of Royals over thirty times yesterday, no lie!

It's my first attempt at showing the process of a painting so I hope I did this okay. I am sure I will get better the more I do. 

Enjoy! <3