Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Self Portrait

I have been really painting a lot which is fantastic! I can even feel like I am improving because it is coming easier to me as I do them more and more. This is exactly what I want. Last night, I decided that I would attempt a self portrait. I haven't done or should I say attempted one since high school. My parents still have the proof hidden away out in the garage. It was a 18 x 24 canvas.. acrylic.. and absolutely horrible. It looked nothing like me. Messy and just no.. I would rather have it continued to be buried out in the garage where no man or woman could see such a thing. Okay well putting the dramatics aside, yes, it is pretty bad. I almost want to take it back.. and show myself the improvements I have made from 1999. (The year I graduated high school) I am not entirely sure which year I painted that. The other option would be painting it white and recycling the canvas. Not sure which one I want to do yet.

This is me and my daughter Kaylee. Granted this is no acrylic painting but rather done in paint tool sai. In many ways it does look exactly like me.. but something is off. I am thinking it is the mouth and teeth. Well.. more reason to keep practicing and to get better. On a plus note, my Aunt was blown away by this and wants to buy a copy. Bonus, most definitely. Did I just finally find my niche in the art world? Recreating portraits? I guess we will have to just wait and see.