Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Amy Winehouse

I haven't posted anything in a couple of days but I have been productive! I had been talking to a friend and she through the idea of doing a bunch of quick portraits and putting them up on my DeviantArt page - for a couple of reasons.. 1. To get stuff into my gallery. 2. It's always good practice and 3. The most important, I want to eventually set up a Paypal account and work on getting some commissions. So with me never having any decent ideas of "quick paintings" I perused through Tumblr looking at different gifs, music videos on YouTube, needless to say, it helped a lot. I snagged a few images and saved them for future sketch/paintings.

First one up.. Amy Winehouse. I was not a HUGE fan of her. In fact, I only knew a couple of her songs..Rehab and Back to Black. But with those couple of songs, I learned that she had a raspy soulful voice that was filled with heart and emotion. I'm sure if she had kept clean from drugs and lived, she would have continued to put out some amazing songs.

I actually painted this a completely different way then how I usually attempt. I used a single layer, no prior sketching, and one brush. I never thought I would be able to paint like that but apparently I can and it feels amazing. One side note though, I did use a reference photo.