Friday, January 17, 2014

Early Birthday Present for a Friend

I definitely have been trying to stay on my game of painting more. I am pretty sure I have painted more since 2014 hit than half of 2013. I finished another painting yesterday and I am really happy how it came out too! It was for a very good friend of mine named Jen. She is actually well my cousin in law but we talk a lot like we are best friends. Jen had requested a painting back when I had originally showed Marina and I figured since her birthday was coming up the end of this month that I could paint a portrait of her for a present! I was originally going to do colored pencils but I definitely need practice. Right now, and I am actually really pleased to say this, digitally painting is easier for me. She had loved this school girl outfit but the photo quality of the pictures she sent me were rather poor, so I improvised! I perused through her Facebook pictures finding a really nice close up of her face from a wedding this past year and I fused it with the picture of the outfit. It was rather difficult but mission accomplished!

She saw it last night and freaked out. Beyond happy and excited, she showed her mom and dad who also were very impressed with it. Me being my own worst critic, I still see issues like the hands.. but it is what it is. Something to work on more in the future.