Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ramblings and Other Things..

It's Wednesday and I don't really have any drawings that I could show you today. To be honest, I didn't draw at all. It is not something I like to admit. I swear I have ADHD and become so distracted by websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and yes even DeviantArt  that I sit there and refresh in hopes of something new to look. So much time is wasted when I could be working and doing something more productive (like sketching or cleaning my house) then strengthening my index finger by constantly hitting the refresh button. But alas it is a nasty habit that I am working hard to fix one day at a time. I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one who does this but others probably won't admit to it.

Anyways, what I can show you is a picture I took of my amazing new colored pencil set that I purchased with Christmas gift certificates and Christmas Card money.  It is a set of pencils that any traditional artist would love to get their hands on and I know that I have been dying to take a set home with me for years. They are simply beautiful but I have only managed to take the plastic wrapping off of the tin and peak inside to the glorious trays of color that sit so snug within it. Aside from buying the pencils, I chose a few 4 ounce tubes of Acrylic paints. Colors that a few of my professors in college would have snubbed because they are not "classics". They would have rolled their eyes, stuck their nose in the air, and walked away. But that is okay because I am not in college anymore. I graduated years ago so that means I can paint with any damn color I want.

So these are my new items that I hope to be using very soon! I don't even know what I will draw really. Maybe some fan art? I have a friend that wanted a portrait done. I need to work on so many different things like lighting, expressions, texture, proportions, landscapes.. the list could go on. I feel like my muse is always taking extended vacations while leaving me sitting there art blocked, frustrated, and usually using a lot of four letter words. Imagination and Creativity are tools just like anything else and I'm afraid mine are very rusty and unused. But that is what this blog is all for right? To write, express myself, show improvement, show failures, to actually commit to something and do it! (Because anyone that knows me well, knows that I can never finish anything)  

So let me wrap this novel up and wish anyone who may find this and actually read it a Happy Hump Day!